Le Jura & la Savoie

Indigenous varieties

The smallest wine region in France, the vineyards of Jura have nevertheless long been held in high repute and produce specialty wines along the length of the Massif du Revermont. These are marly soils, associated with varieties such as Savagnin (white), Poulsard and Trousseau (red) that have won the hearts of many an enthusiast. The Arbois appellation was also one of the first to be granted in France, in 1936.

The wine-growing region of the Savoie has, like the Jura, preserved a wealth of native wine varieties that today are the delight of sommeliers: Jacquère, Altesse, Chasselas and Molette – each provides one more reason to explore these beautiful mountain vineyards scattered across the hillsides of Savoie, Haute Savoie, Isère and Ain.

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